“…and if you ever give someone another chance. It should be just that, another chance. No revisiting the past or guilt trips when things aren’t sunny. Be sure that you’re willing and ready to forgive and put those things behind you permanently. If you don’t, you will ultimately not only hurt them, but cause yourself reoccurring pain. Be true to yourself, always.”
“I wanna escape the hurt so bad. My heart hurts. This can’t be what life is about. Lord, please take this pain away. πŸ’””
Yes ma’am!

Yes ma’am!

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“Wanna piss me off? Waste my time. 😠”
“After everything, one thing remains the same…one thing we cannot change. We all have one heart, and one heart needs another. Love is all that matters, love is all that matters…matters after all. πŸ’š”
“Lost my little baby yesterday. He was always more like a baby than a puppy. I used to think it was kinda strange how attached people got to their pets, until I became a pet owner. It’s so much more to a puppy than the cuteness. You worry, you love em, they make you angry, you have to provide for em. It’s really a job and let’s not forget training. Thank goodness Keelon was able to train him and well. I definitely wouldn’t have known how to do that! In that moment…hearing those words…I felt my heart drop to the pit of my ass. I miss you, Cassius! I miss your little bad ass like crazy! I love you so much. You were so loving and spoiled and protective. Your love was unconditional, I think that’s what I loved most about you! I won’t forget to remember you baby! Monmy loves you!!!πŸ’”πŸΆπŸ˜˜”
How cute?!

How cute?!

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